What are the advantages of memory and soft mattresses?

Of relatively recent introduction is the decision to add to the pocket springs a bearing in thermosensitive viscoelastic polyurethane foam, commonly called memory foam, which is interposed between the springs and the mattress cover.

The memory foam, just to remember it, is a fabric capable of permanently deforming with the heat emitted by the body and therefore assuming the conformation perfectly adherent to that of the person using the mattress.

The insertion of this a memory foam slab, therefore, guarantees a noticeable increase in comfort to our already ergonomic pocket spring mattress, we speak of a bearing thickness of on average 2 centimeters, in some mattresses however it can be easily overcome the 5 cm. The combination allows the mattress to shape its shape not only according to the weight of the body we exercise on it but also according to the heat we emit.

What are the advantages of memory and soft mattresses?

Now we come to the next point, that is, we analyze why the springs are able to guarantee us a certain level of rest and above all what they are preferred over other types of mattress:

BREATHABLE: from an hygienic point of view it is an important aspect, this mattresses compared to other mattresses in water-foamed polyurethane or to a good part of memory foam mattresses, is able to guarantee a better air circulation and therefore prevent not only the formation of mold but also the onset of bad smells deriving from the stagnation of sweat.

COMFORTABLE: the ability of the mattress to adapt to its physical conformation, above all thanks to the different bearing capacity of the springs, being ergonomic and ventilated because it is hollow inside, they are all points that increase the comfort of this mattress and give it a well-earned night’s rest.

FRESH: It is a mattress that stays fresh both in winter and in summer by virtue of its structure, so if you can’t stand the heat, it is a decidedly valid product.

ECONOMIC: Even the wallet wants its part. This mattress is able to satisfy different budgets since it is decidedly cheaper than other mattresses essentially consisting of polyurethane or other viscoelastic materials.

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